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Elf on the Shelf is back and I made a list of Elf ideas with instructions and photos using items you already have around the house. There are enough ideas to get you through until Christmas!

Download the Elf on the Shelf Cheat Sheet to keep handy all month long and share with a friend who needs new Elf ideas this year.

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Download the FREE Elf on the Shelf Cheat Sheet Printable


DAY 1: I’M BACK- Use M&Ms or other candy to spell out I’M BACK

DAY 2: I BROUGHT YOU A SNOWMAN-    Put eyes, two sticks, and carrot in a bowl of water 

DAY 3: SHOE SHINE- Wrap your kid’s pair of shoes with aluminum foil 

DAY 4: ELF POKER-   Set up Elf and other toys playing cards 

DAY 5: SANTA SAID NO IPAD TODAY-  Wrap your Elf and your kid’s device in cling wrap 

DAY 6: TREE ZIPLINE-  Attach your Elf to a candy cane on a ribbon down the tree.


DAY 7: DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS-  Set Elf on a shelf with animals on the ground feeding them a bowl of marshmallows

DAY 8: GONE FISHING- Give Elf some string to go fishing for Goldfish in the bathroom sink

DAY 9: EGG FACES-  Draw funny faces on the eggs in the fridge with a sharpie in Elf’s hands

DAY 10: ELF MADE BREAKFAST-  Give Elf a spoon and a bowl full of candy to serve your kid’s breakfast.

DAY 11: ELF ROLL UP- Put Elf in a roll of toilet paper leaving a trail from your kid’s room to the kitchen

DAY 12: SNOWBALL FIGHT-  Pour flour and stack marshmallows as snowballs for a fun scene of Elf vs. another toy!


DAY 13: CLIMBING FOR SNACKS- Stack up household items for Elf to climb up and into pantry your snack bin.

DAY 14: ELF SLEEPOVER-  Put Elf and some of his friends in socks laid out for a sleepover.

DAY 15: BORRROWED YOUR BUTT BRUSH- Use your kid’s toothbrush as the elf’s butt brush 

DAY 16: ELF SNOW ANGEL- Use flour, sprinkles, or sugar for your Elf to make a snow angel.


DAY 17: SHOE SHOE TRAIN- Line up your kid’s shoes in a curvy line and put Elf as the train’s conductor with dolls in the other shoes.

DAY 18: FROZEN ELF- Let Elsa “freeze” your Elf inside a block of ice.


DAY 19: CANDY CANE SLEDDING- Grab some candy canes for Elf to sled down down the staircase railing.

DAY 20: ROCK CLIMBING- Add bows or stickers to the wall for Elf to climb up the wall or front door.

DAY 21: UNDERWEAR TREE – Hang your kid’s underwear on the tree as ornaments with Elf wearing a pair too.

DAY 22: HAMMOCK HANGOUT- Make a hammock out of toilet paper and hang from the bathroom towel bar.

DAY 23: CAR RIDE- Your kids will look all over the house and they’ll be shocked to find him waiting in the car 

DAY 24: GOODBYE SEND OFF- Set up Elf on a truck waving goodbye until next year

I hope this Elf on the Shelf cheat sheet makes your December Elf experience run smoothly and most importanlty, makes magical memories for your family!

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